Birthing stories from clients

Giving Birth was an empowering, enjoyable experience

 "Jasmine Beatrice Bridger was born on Tuesday, 12th August at 6.00am in Bath Hospital. She was 12 days overdue and born on the day that I was supposed to be induced, after a reflexology session which started my surges an hour and a half after leaving the session.  My surges started at 8pm on the Sunday night during a very hot chilli con carne! I immediately started to use the up breaths and relax. At 4am, my husband and I went into Trowbridge hospital, however we came home again as I was still in latent labour.  I continued to breathe and relax at home with my husband breathing and relaxing with me every step of the way. He was amazing and very important to help me to stay on track, and reminded me of the triggers we had practised. His massive involvement also made him feel important and helpful. At 10pm on Monday night, we went back into Trowbridge hospital to the happy news that I was in full labour. They monitored us and were concerned that Jasmine’s heart rate was raised, so they decided to take us to Bath.

 I hadn’t considered that this might be an option as I had just assumed that we would have Jasmine in Trowbridge. The ambulance journey could have made me feel anxious and slowed the labour down but it didn’t as I focused on my breathing and listened to my colour and calmness CD. When we arrived at Bath we were taken into a birthing suit – without a pool as we had to be monitored – the staff at Bath were brilliant. I then continued to be monitored until the breath taking moment that Jasmine was born.

I have to say that giving birth was indeed an empowering experience and even enjoyable. Hypnobirthing helped me to stay calm and relaxed and not need any pain relief even though it wasn’t the birth that I had imagined. It was still a great and rewarding experience. Thank you, Natalie for all of your help, advice and wisdom." (2014)

Then, after a top up session 2 years later....

"Lola Rose was born on Christmas day! 7lb 7. A lovely hypnobirthing experience. Got water birth this time and managed to breathe her down as well as natural placenta delivery. Very pleased with myself. So once again - thank you!" (2016)

Isabelle and Oliver Bridger 

Breathing and visualisations were great

"We just wanted to let you know that Lottie Byford was born last Friday the 20th February, 9 days overdue. She weighed 9lb 12oz!

It all happened quite fast. My waters broke at 8:20pm, but she had passed meconium so we weren't able to stay at home, we had to go straight to the hospital. When we left my surges were 6 minutes apart, by the time we reached the hospital they were 3 minutes apart. The breathing and visualisations were great for the car and made it a bearable journey.

With every surge, Sam put his hand on my shoulder and said to relax and it definitely made it more manageable, I could physically feel the pain lessen as I relaxed everything.

Lottie was born at 12:53am after just 4 and a half hours. I genuinely believe that whilst I didn't manage to completely control what was happening, it was certainly made so much better using all of the techniques you taught us. We had a student midwife with us and afterwards she said how calm it had been when she'd walked in, which was nice to hear.

So we'd just like to say thank you for teaching us so much, and making it a much nicer experience than it could have been, especially with potential complications. We really appreciate everything."

Sarah  and Sam Byford (2015)

Hypnobirthing proved to be invaluable.... 

"Ted Loki Sheppard was born at 9.22pm on Wednesday 18th in the RUH weighing 8lbs 7oz and was 53cm long! The hypnobirthing proved to invaluable as Ted's birth was rather difficult.  I was contracting every 5 minutes at 9.30pm on the Tuesday evening and Jack and I went to the Trowbridge maternity unit at 4am in the morning on Wednesday when my contractions were every 2 minutes to find I was only 2-3cm dilated.  The midwife checked the baby and the heart rate kept dipping.  Due to this I was put on a drip and then taken by ambulance to the RUH only to find my labour was not progressing and I had to stay lying down as hooked up to a monitor.  
After hours I was finally 5cm so was taken down to the delivery suite.....
I was then advised that the reason things weren't progressing was Ted was back to back, and they hoped he would turn, so I laid slightly on my side to help......  Just as C-section was discussed I was fully dilated and he was fully engaged so they gave me oxytocin to make things speed up and get him out........   within half an hour Ted Loki Sheppard was born and came out burbling and healthy thankfully. 

 The staff were all amazed that I managed to go through the birth with just paracetamol and a muscle relaxant!

 Thank you for all your help and support."

Natashya and Jack Sheppard (2015)

I am a firm hypnobirth believer!!

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and the course. I was induced in the end with an out patient pessary but the show came the same morning so I was happy that he was ready anyway to come!

The birth was amazing in water .. just.... They have quick fill baths in the unit I went too. Contractions started 2.30pm so went for a walk, did some scripts and visualisations when back home. Went into the centre at 7.30pm and gave birth 8.18! The 8 minute down breathing stage was amazing.... No pushing needed. The placenta took ages compared to the 38min birth!!
Thanks once again... I am a firm hypnobirth believer!!

Alison Howells January (2017)

Without you we would not have been able to do what we did.

"Without you Natalie and training us to train ourselves we would not of had such a relaxing, calm, amazing experience. Thank you for the classes, advice and stories you have shared with us. Without you we would not have been able to do what we did." 

Gill Graham and Ryan Scott June (2017)

We went in confident and as a team and I have told everyone now how much easier labour can be than the stories!! 

"We went in confident and as a team and I have told everyone now how much easier labour can be than the stories!! I can honestly say I enjoyed the pushing stage!! It was an amazing feeling!!

I managed to breath out most of his head and his shoulders that I was surprised when he arrived and was all of a sudden on my chest!!!! Where had this baby come from I had hours left yet surely!!
The midwives said it was a perfect birth and for a first time Mum was incredible! 
Breathing exactly as I should and as such my perineum and skin was all intact! Albeit had an internal muscle tear but not painful after the birth I wouldn't have known.
The experience was nothing like I could have imagined, it was incredible and I am so surprised I could do it!
From waters breaking to birth was just 4 hours 50 minutes and Paul and I are convinced it's due to our preparations.
For the midwives to say they've never had such a calm positive couple was amazing to hear and I have you to thank for that!!!!
We went in confident and as a team and I have told everyone now how much easier labour can be than the stories!!
Arthur is also so so chilled and relaxed! I think it's because of the relaxing sessions he and I had every afternoon listening to our cds, he is so calm!!"

Emily and Paul Dixon  August (2017)

I couldn't have wished for the delivery to go any more smoothly than it did!

The c-section was everything I hoped it would be - we had our playlist on, had skin-on-skin as soon as he was born, delayed cord clamping and used our ladybird cord tie, and the all-female surgical team (which was a bonus!) were absolutely amazing, really respecting us as a new family unit, keeping background chat to a minimum and really reassuring us both throughout.

I did start to tense up and panic a bit during the spinal, but Matt said the magic words "relax" and it triggered something in my mind to focus on my breathing, which I continued to do throughout the procedure and it really did help! It even helped take my mind off how cold it was in theatre!!

I couldn't have wished for the delivery to go any more smoothly than it did, and a lot of those touches which made it a "gentle" c-section were thanks to you drawing my attention to them, so many thanks to you for that!

Polly and Matt (November 2017)

 Our experience of pregnancy and birth were so much better for your input

I just wanted to thank you so much for all that you did for Richard and I in the preparation for the birth of Araminta Primrose born on Friday weighing 10lb 10oz. We're absolutely smitten with her. 

The birth took 3 hrs beginning to end. I laboured the first two in the pool in Chippenham but then surprised myself by wanting to be grounded and so delivered leaning up against the bed. 
Richard read from our folder supplied by you, I concentrated on the breathing throughout and managed to breathe her out tear-free. I was so thrilled with the birth and the hour we had together afterwards.
Richard and I would (and will) thoroughly recommend Hypnobirthing to all prospective parents whether a first time pregnancy or not. 
Richard truly was amazing, he had his bag of tools (notes from you, laptop, cd, aromatherapy oils, affirmations, snacks....) and knew what to do and when. Thank you for giving him that confidence. You are certainly in the right role and we'll be eternally grateful for what you did for us. Our experience of pregnancy and birth were so much better for your input, thank you.

Richard and Tora (February 2018)